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What’s your story? Is it genuine? Is it resonating?

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VisitFlorida, Summer Gonzales, Marketing Campaign Manager, VISITFLORIDA On working with ZapalaPR, Nina Zapala is great to work with. She is forward thinking and overflowing with creative, fresh ideas. At VISITFLORIDA we deal with hundreds of requests, and I'm always happy to work with Nina because she's consistently ready to suggest unconventional storylines, offer practical solutions, and meet crushing deadlines. You'll enjoy working with Nina - a true professional, ever-enthusiastic, and always ready to assist.” 

VISITFLORIDA Summer Gonzales, Marketing Campaign Manager

Red Carpet Kids, Co-Founder and CEO, Eva Shure on working with Zapala PR, "Nina Zapala is a PR and Marketing virtuoso who is able to generate both exposure and revenue with comprehensive branding strategies to catapult your company. She is reinventing the face of PR and her passion is evidenced in her relentless pursuit of success for her clients and accounts. She will leverage every opportunity to get all eyes on your brand in an innovative, effective and revolutionary way.  Quite simply - Nina Zapala is a game-changer." 

Red Carpet KidsEva Shure, CEO/Co-Founder

"Nina is a PR genius," Ziga Colja, Saga Institute

Ziga Colja, Saga InstitueZiga Colja