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Local travel experiences influence trends in 2018 and beyond. For more than a decade the sharing economy driven by locals has helped birth industry giants such as; Airbnb, Uber, Global Greeter Network and dozens of others. Inspiring Visitations Using Local WOM "The State of the American Traveler™ reports, "Word of mouth is still by far the most relied upon way people find travel inspiration. Two-thirds of American travelers (66.0%) say they rely on the in-person opinions of friends and rela

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Can collaborative partnerships make your destination a standout? You can't move an ocean or a mountain so how do you create a fresh visitor experience? Sugarfina Uses Collaborative Partnerships Luxury gummy bears, really — yep, it’s a thing and according to Sugarfina, a candy store for adults, it's a $40 million-in-revenue thing. The brand is in collaboration with: Corona Light® to introduce a beer-infused gummy, Tito’s Handmade Vodka to produce the new Sugarfina x infusion,

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The Hundred Most Creative People in Business is my favorite Fast Company annual issue. It's always an educational read and inspires me to be more creative, take more risks, and be willing to fail no matter what others say. The Hundred Most Creative People in Business Ok, enough gushing about Fast Company. What prompted me to write this post is the June issue features Reese Witherspoon, whom I also admire. She is a gentle, graceful and mighty force who is moving mountains, changing the Hollywoo

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Five takeaways boutique & independent brands can learn from Airbnb. Now is the time to seriously consider each takeaway. Why do you ask? Airbnb is making an impact, so much so,  that mega-brand Marriott announced a six-month plan to experiment in the homesharing marketplace. Funny, why only yesterday many of the mega-chains thought home sharing was a non-issue. My how things have changed since 2008. Airbnb Airbnb launched in 2008, and today it has revenues approaching $2.6 million and

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Back in 2012 Guy Kawasaki spoke on the topic of brand flaws in a Trendkite article using the word flawsome. As a brand do you or don't you welcome your flaws, yes or no? Embracing Your Brand Flaws When thinking about your brand how do you come to terms with your flaws? Don't say you don't have any faults as we all do, even brands. I have dyslexia, so spelling is always an issue, thank God I have a patient and excellent editor. I don't hide the fact; I accept this flaw as I find that for me dy

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The Connection Economy and its ties to storytelling are undeniable. There are many factors that feed the Connection Economy, but I believe storytelling is the most crucial aspect. I know this to be true as I've been generating branded stories for clients for over two decades, winning clients headline news. Why so successful — because stories resonate with the human condition. Seth Godin on the Magic of Storytelling Godin shared his thoughts on the magic of storytelling and here is a direct

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In speaking with a potential client regarding her creative content marketing needs, I thought about how a unique brand story can impact the customer and how important creative storytelling is to phenomenal content marketing. When You Have a Great Story, Tell It! I am a huge lover of boutique and independent travel brands. Storytelling is in my DNA. I love a good story, I love to uncover a good story, and I relish a story steeped in history, with twists and turns. Good stories make the best c

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Influencer Marketing and the three critical concerns are the topics of discussion below. Why has influencer marketing become such a huge trend for marketers? Well, the answer used to be simple; to get access to consumers who would benefit from learning about your brand benefits. That was then and this is now. It's not that simple anymore! What's Changed? The industry has come under a lot of scrutiny stemming from the fake news drama that has been in existence forever. It goes as far ba

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Today's blog topic centers around three important travel trends. I am a huge follower of trends with one caveat, I don’t use all of them. Trends are just that trends; they come and go, but every once in a while, trends stick and become part of peoples’ daily lives. Trends also need to align strategically with your brand. If they work, jump on the bandwagon, if not pass or start your own trend. True story. Last year I was brainstorming with a destination marketing executive director who

March 27, 2018 Posted by Admin

Modern Marketing in tourism today, in my opinion, is about moving away from the Mad Men, styled tactics of yesterday, and moving into marketing tactics that embrace a traveler's lifestyle. Modern Marketing in Tourism vs. Traditional Marketing in Tourism? I had a great meeting today with a destination marketing organization. Part of the discussion centered around summer travel. She stated the destination doesn't market itself during the summer months.  When I asked why no marketing initiative

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