February 20, 2018 Posted by Admin

Facebook's new changes, what do they really mean? My 2¢ I believe the new Facebook changes are a reaction to an unfavorable year. The company is responding to fake news, people who game the system to get web traffic, political pressure, clickbait headlines, bad PR and the list goes on. Yet, marketers, yes I throw myself into this category, consistently watch the news feed and data, and try to adopt strategies, and tactics in effort to optimize these new algorithm changes for best results.

February 13, 2018 Posted by Admin

Mobile, Alabama is a romantic wonderland. Picture a panoramic dining experience atop one of the area's most iconic skyscrapers, prompting an enchanting evening? Or do you prefer a romantic walk through one of the last remaining longleaf pine forests, stealing quiet moments with one another? How about a ferry trip to a remote island where stoplights don't exist? These are just a few of the fun things couples can do during February's romance month. Mardi Gras 2018 If it's festival you se

February 6, 2018 Posted by Admin

Ok, let’s be honest. How many of you have broken the fitness goals you made back in January? I  know I have. I’ve done my yoga eight times, pathetic! Fitness: Small Steps For Big Gains January is gone, and February is here. It’s the month of love. So, I thought it fitting, pun intended, to post on “loving yourself” and getting back to your fitness goals, by eliminating the modern-day malaise of desk sitting. It distresses me that so many of us in the travel industry, don’t get

January 30, 2018 Posted by Admin

Destinations that choose to go unnoticed? Why would you consciously do so? The same question could be asked of resorts and hotels. As a public relations professional, this question intrigued me to approach influencer marketing in a new way. I've spent decades getting people, places, and attractions widespread publicity; but did I take the time to do it consciously? The answer is no, not all of the time. Conscious Influencer Marketing Kinfolk Magazine, one of my favorite magazines in the UK,

January 23, 2018 Posted by Admin

A recent customer service article posted by Social Media Today had an amazing infographic and some wonderful statistics on the intersection of social media and customer service. Expanding On The Social Media Today Conversation An article posted by Ragan about a gentleman who found a cockroach in his Subway sandwich in Canada. He did what most of us would have done, he threw the sandwich away. He reported the incident via phone and Twitter with no resolve. Eleven months went by and still nothi

January 16, 2018 Posted by Admin

Creatively expanding audiences with earned media is a marketing tactic, I often advise my clients to utilize as part of their marketing strategy. This tactic not only helps to reach new audiences but it helps to maintain relationships, and update existing audiences. Destination Think A recent article on Destination Think posted; Earned vs. paid media: Should DMOs pay to promote third-party content? Read it here. I’d like to further expand on the article here. The topic of discussion was

January 9, 2018 Posted by Admin

This blog topic, conscious marketing, came to me as I was walking my dogs. You see, I am a huge fan of walking, plus I have two, rescued standard poodles, William and Harry, who demand daily walks. Last week, walking through the neighborhood, I noticed bagged, YellowPage phone books in everyone's driveway. I became a bit overwhelmed as I thought about the amount of paper that was needed to print the book and the plastic bags that were used to protect it. Ugh! Knowing Your Target Audience Don'

January 2, 2018 Posted by Admin

Inner work your greatest business asset Inner work started as an intriguing conversation I had with my spiritual advisor many years ago, which today, has grown into a habit. What I noticed about working on your inner self, and working with others who focus on their inner-self, is that inner-selfers concentrate on people first; employees, community, and being, doing and offering their best. Yes, money is important, but it’s not their everything. This post speaks to my experience working with

December 26, 2017 Posted by Admin

What's the connection between a heart-center business and the Christmas movie Miracle on 34th Street? Read on. Miracle on 34th Street is a Christmas movie I’ve watched for years. It's a Christmas tradition. Natalie Wood steals the show. Santa Claus, played by Edmund Gwenn is also a scene stealer. The movie is revisionist. Doris Walker, aka Maureen O’Hara, plays a divorced woman who sends her daughter to a progressive school. Remember this movie was filmed in the 1950’s.  It’s so del

December 18, 2017 Posted by Admin

If traditions, history and holiday cheer are top picks for holiday travel 2017 keep reading.  I've researched and reviewed a few exceptional experiences that will have you oohing - aahing from the moment you arrive. Visit Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C., may not come to mind for a holiday escape but you would be remiss not to have it on your bucket list. Rich in traditions, history and holiday cheer, our nation’s capital shines exceptionally bright during the holidays. Is shopping is on

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