November 21, 2017 Posted by Admin

My thoughts on holiday discounting to loyal customers. I don't know about you, but it irritates me to no end when I receive a minimal holiday discount to refer new customers while the new customer is getting twice the discount! What's up with that? Why is a new customer discount more valuable than the one presented to me, the loyal customer? When this happens, I immediately think I am not valued, and it does dissuade me from using the coupon. It also makes me think twice about shopping with th

November 19, 2017 Posted by Admin

What's Your Black Friday Content Marketing Strategy? The holidays are here, and they are unquestionably the busiest selling season of the year. What do you respond too? Ad upon, ad — or should I say ad nauseam will float across your screen — buy one get one, save 70% until midnight tonight, Black Friday sales, Cyber Monday sales, endless pop-up windows and more.Why not opt for a non-selling tactic and instead use a genuine, problem-solving approach which can provide value, build trust, a

November 14, 2017 Posted by Admin

Travel guidebooks inspired by locals is a marketing idea driven by today's modern traveler, and is now supported by MindBodyGreen, in conjunction with Harvard University psychiatrist Samantha Boardman who said: "little moments with other people, especially strangers, is the key to happiness."Additionally, Instagram, bloggers, and influencers are also top sources that consumers use to inspire vacations. These channels offer a glimpse into a local's daily life within a destination. Additio

October 17, 2017 Posted by Admin

Want to win headlines? Top Do's and Don'tsI recently had the great pleasure to interview PJ Gach, a world-renowned writer who is a fixture at New York's Fashion Week. You can read her sprightly editorial in New York Observer, The New York Post,, and The Latin Kitchen. PJ has also interviewed notable celebrities such as Yoko Ono, Usher, and Mandy Moore to name a few.Her comment in a Facebook “PR gathering” place about public relation’s profess

October 13, 2017 Posted by Admin

Asheville, North Carolina, Gets an A for AuthenticityAuthenticity is the cornerstone in travel today. Witness the fact that larger cities; New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and others are now embracing smaller surrounding towns to showcase local authenticity – respectively Bronx, Little Havana and of course, Palm Springs.A recent visit to Asheville, North Carolina, was an intriguing one. While they have an abundance of brewpubs, farm-to-table restaurants, in addition to musicians on every

September 19, 2017 Posted by Admin

How to win headlines in a shrinking print world, borrow a page from Don Peppers, revolutionary book, The One To One Future. Published in 1993, this book has become a must-read for marketers around the world. I also believe it is a must-read for public relations professionals who consistently want to win headline news.Let’s start with a quote from The One To One Future., “Most businesses follow time-honored mass-marketing rules of pitching their products to the greatest number of people.

September 7, 2017 Posted by Admin

PR etiquette during a hurricane? It's simple. Step into the journalist's shoes. Don't send any information that is not pertinent to what is happening. This advice is useful not just for a hurricane but any natural disaster, political upheaval or a terrorist attack.If need be, educate clients who are requesting press releases be pitched during times of extreme news. Explain to clients now, is not the right moment to submit a release. If they persist clarify further that a press release th

August 15, 2017 Posted by Admin

DMO's, resorts, attractions how to generate more business? A recent article from the Harvard Business Review reports taking a vacation does, in fact, make you more creative. A quote from the article supporting this point and more states, “Creativity went up 33%, happiness levels rose 25%, and productivity increased 13%. It’s a small sample, sure, but there’s a meaningful story here. When we dive deeper on creativity, the average employee score was 3.0 before time off and 4.0 after time of

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PR Tips: Working with Editors and Freelance WritersWe all move at dizzying speeds every day. Editors and freelance writers even more so --- juggling writing, editing social media and managing hundreds of daily requests from public relations professionals.PR Professionals take note this blog is for you! Jennifer Juergens, a prolific freelance writer, wanted to share her top tips when working with her to craft an article. First and foremost, she strongly suggests you review editorial calen

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Investigative journalism, the cure for similar DMO storytelling? I ask this question because today many DMO's are sharing similar stories, touting: eco-tourism, beercations, foodie neighborhoods, pristine beaches, unspoiled mountains and more. This is where old school investigative journalism can offer a huge benefit.First, let’s define the term investigative journalism: a form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest. This investigation can take mon

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