September 19, 2017 Posted by Admin

How to win headlines in a shrinking print world, borrow a page from Don Peppers, revolutionary book, The One To One Future. Published in 1993, this book has become a must-read for marketers around the world. I also believe it is a must-read for public relations professionals who consistently want to win headline news.Let’s start with a quote from The One To One Future., “Most businesses follow time-honored mass-marketing rules of pitching their products to the greatest number of people.

September 7, 2017 Posted by Admin

PR etiquette during a hurricane? It's simple. Step into the journalist's shoes. Don't send any information that is not pertinent to what is happening. This advice is useful not just for a hurricane but any natural disaster, political upheaval or a terrorist attack.If need be, educate clients who are requesting press releases be pitched during times of extreme news. Explain to clients now, is not the right moment to submit a release. If they persist clarify further that a press release th

August 15, 2017 Posted by Admin

DMO's, resorts, attractions how to generate more business? A recent article from the Harvard Business Review reports taking a vacation does, in fact, make you more creative. A quote from the article supporting this point and more states, “Creativity went up 33%, happiness levels rose 25%, and productivity increased 13%. It’s a small sample, sure, but there’s a meaningful story here. When we dive deeper on creativity, the average employee score was 3.0 before time off and 4.0 after time of

July 25, 2017 Posted by Admin

PR Tips: Working with Editors and Freelance WritersWe all move at dizzying speeds every day. Editors and freelance writers even more so --- juggling writing, editing social media and managing hundreds of daily requests from public relations professionals.PR Professionals take note this blog is for you! Jennifer Juergens, a prolific freelance writer, wanted to share her top tips when working with her to craft an article. First and foremost, she strongly suggests you review editorial calen

May 14, 2017 Posted by Admin

Investigative journalism, the cure for similar DMO storytelling? I ask this question because today many DMO's are sharing similar stories, touting: eco-tourism, beercations, foodie neighborhoods, pristine beaches, unspoiled mountains and more. This is where old school investigative journalism can offer a huge benefit.First, let’s define the term investigative journalism: a form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest. This investigation can take mon

March 16, 2017 Posted by Admin

"How to befriend a local newspaper?" A question I am asked by marketing professionals who lead major Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO’s). I am happy to share what I've learned over the past few decades.  Do you want the short answer or the long answer?My reply to this sometimes complicated question.DMO’s commonly share these concerns: 1. Our local newspaper is more of a foe than friend 2. They often report our news incorrectly 3. They react negatively more than positively

February 5, 2017 Posted by Admin

Super Bowl advertisements vs. public relation's return on investment, ROI. I have pondered this question for quite some time --- do industry giants purchase an ad because of the esteem it brings to a brand? Alternatively, do they knowingly count on the advertisement to produce an avalanche of PR, aka free organic media, and social buzz to expand their brand message beyond the Superbowl’s audience?Fortune had an interesting article on the reasons behind the outlay of millions to be seen in

January 17, 2017 Posted by Admin

Don't Compete. Create. were powerful words used by Brian Seth, President, Chief Story Teller at Story Tech Immersive to describe habits we all encounter. Those three little words stopped me in my tracks. I’ve given these words a lot of thought and here is what I’ve concluded -- these words can either deliver impressive or mediocre results, depending on which words you choose to use. Trust me when I tell you this because I've experienced Don't Compete. Create. first hand.Don't Compete. Cr

January 4, 2017 Posted by Admin

My inbox was overflowing with emails on the topic of trends as 2016 came to a close. The subjects varied, but the premise was the same: What are the new trends in social media, webinar marketing, travel, food and many others. As the new year rolls in, are you rushing to enlist all of the “new trends”?  If you are, I have one word of advice: STOP! Please understand that trends are useful and can be very beneficial, yet they should not be the foundation on which to build a business.Thrill

December 13, 2016 Posted by Admin

Swimming with the Manatees is a feature article I wrote and got published in the Naples Daily News, Naples Florida, on behalf of Discover Crystal River, Florida. The destination does not have the large budgets of a Miami, Orlando or Tampa but I've learned over the years that creativity and a compelling story idea usually trump large budgets!The managing editor at Naples Daily News stated that he liked the idea that I was pitching because it was different from the 100's of other story ide

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