January 6, 2015 Posted by Admin

Storytelling takes on a whole new meaning in today’s modern world. David Brier, of DBD International Unlimited, a branding guru states;

Your story is your brand, your brand is your story.”

This definition is a profoundly simple definition, yet immensely important for brands to recognize and take ‘heart.’ Know that branded storytelling is the path to success in today’s disruptive economy.

In the world of travel, the word tour has become passe while the word authentic is the word du jour. Tip: Emotive experiences are the root of powerful storytelling. knowing this the story of a destination should be developed with authenticity; be zealously sticky, and crafted with sincerity in mind. Remember it’s not about embellishing a sense of place, this would be defined as “fake news”.


Storytelling is about spreading successful multifaceted stories requiring these key ingredients: a captivating blend of discoverable and relatable brand attributes — visually enticing while engaging and beneficial; with the goal of building responsive relationships that move audiences to take action.

In a world where disconnected, digitized posts reign, a heart-filled story will rise above the fray. Note; an emotional connection to a destination, resort, etc., breeds loyalty, increases sharing on social media, and word of mouth reviews. These actions promote return trips which can increase bookings, extended stays, incremental destination purchases and more.

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