Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication


    CASE STUDY: Facebook becomes Wekiva Island’s newsroom increasing likes by 33% in three months. Moreover, local resident signatures obtained via Facebook assisted in overturning pending legislation

    CHALLENGE: The iconic Wekiva Island, a family-friendly recreational park in Longwood, Florida, had garnered a reputation as a noisy, spring break destination drawing criticism from the local community. Additionally, pending zoning laws were on the books to close the island park.

    STRATEGY: A simultaneous social media plan layered with a media relations campaign was launched immediately to impact the zoning hearings.

    RESULTS: Over 30,000 signatures were obtained via a Facebook tab, which increased Facebook likes by 30%. During the three-month campaign period Wekiva media impressions surpassed 643,191 capturing media attention from: MSNBC, USA Today, World News, Orlando Sentinel and many others. The campaign generated over 416,880 broadcast impressions while the online media impression reach topped 73,926,326 (an advertising value of $12, 947,983). This campaign assisted in overturning the pending legislation and saved the Island. Today locals and visitors alike still enjoy a peaceful kayak on the St. John’s River. Budget: Project fee. ROI: 5:1.

    AWARD: This campaign won a Florida Public Relations Award and the Florida PRSA state award.