Zapala is purposely passionate about supporting independent and family owned hotels, resorts, boutique inns, and related travel lifestyle brands succeed in a world where vanilla, mega brands rule.

Zapala’s manifesto: to be creative and unconventional, to stand out, to zig when the rest of the industry zags. Zapala is on a quest to learn what motivates people and inspires them to take action via brand-centric storytelling. She embraces the Italian phrase, l’arte d’ arrangiarsi, the art of making something out of nothing.

Zapala is purposely passionate about helping independent and family owned hotels, resorts, boutique inns, and travel lifestyle brands succeed in a world where vanilla, mega brands rule. Her love for authentic homegrown properties birthed ZapalaPR. Her mission statement; “To generate headline news and viral social buzz for brands that want to remain true to their family heritage and give travelers a genuine travel experience”.

Today’s PR/social environment is ripe for family-owned brands to become megastars and compete head-to-head with corporate giants. Why you ask? Nowadays consumers are in control and human-centered marketing is the answer. Brands of all shapes and sizes can now employ the power of storytelling and utilize genuine social engagement to create personalized, authentic approaches, which fuel the bond between brand and consumer, and the bottom line!

Zapala understands that unadulterated, strategic storytelling influences behaviors, actions and sales. Storytelling is the platform for Zapala’s process of unearthing authentic brand stories based on People2People. This translates to personal relationships aka PR because it is where the “human” story unfolds, it’s emotional and real. Remember, people buy based on emotions, not on marketing speak.

Original Thinker

PR is not just about press releases, promotions or propaganda. Brands need to stop thinking about age and focus on lifestyle to create moments that establish personal relationships. Her method is simple: People2People (P2P) = personal relationships (PR). People no longer accept what brands say as the truth. Brands need to share authentic core values and beliefs. They must also remain über conscious in their communications in effort to gain people’s attention, to inspire them to really listen and participate fully. Brands that demonstrate empathy and respect open doors for people to build bonds, become champions, and develop unbreakable brand loyalty. Instituting personalized traits also builds brand value and trust, and - dare we say - a deep love for the brand that leads to long-term success and greater profitability.

Media Junkie

Zapala’s inquisitive mind makes her a huge media junkie. She’s always on a quest to read a good book, attend the latest art exhibit or music event to better understand the human spirit. She is deeply aware of what journalists desire and is very responsive to their needs. Her robust relationships with the media and deep industry knowledge insure that her clients are included in premiere outlets such as: Travel & Leisure, Today Show, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, New York Times, Forbes Traveler, Thrillist, Adventure Girl, Bucket List Publications and many other influential media outlets. Additionally, her flourishing social media channels allow her to speak with thousands of journalists on a daily basis, sharing client news and keeping-up with industry trends. These daily interactions assist Zapala in building thorough media networks, personal relationships and solid story opportunities for her clients.

Curiosity Seeker

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths” – Walt Disney.

These words capture the essence of Nina Zapala - and her clients have benefited greatly by her curious persona. She abhors following the crowd and is incredibly creative. She is known for leading her clients down a well thought-out strategic path along the road less traveled. It’s where the big ideas are found, huge successes are achieved and higher than average results are earned, year-over-year.

I have successfully worked with Nina Zapala for many years and have always been pleased with the results. Nina is quick to respond, out-of-the-box creative, on-the-ball helpful, and astonishingly resourceful. She is an exemplary PR pro for today’s social economy

— Laura Mankse Freelance writer with Hearst, Time Inc, Huffington Post, Parade Magazine… Read More Testimonials

Nina H. Zapala
President & Creative Director

“Her attributes deliver excellent ROI year-after-year,” states Sherani James Augustin, Director of Sales, Windjammer Landing, St. Lucia. Over the past few decades Zapala has honed her communications skills has a TV producer, a corporate communications executive, an advertising agency partner, a magazine writer, and a national sponsorship consultant; think NASCAR and the name and title sponsorship contract between Virginia Beach, Virginia and Verizon Wireless. The depth and breadth of these high level experiences have created a vast reservoir of knowledge and has prepared her to excel in today’s fast-paced communications environment.

Her industry experience has equipped ZapalaPR in developing a resource-driven firm. She works with a cadre of professionals in the U.S. and abroad to deliver groundbreaking creative, cost-effective campaigns and exemplary outcomes. In essence, ZapalaPR develops individualized campaign team based on client needs and expectations, not based on what’s in-house.

This fresh approach has assisted Zapala in winning handfuls of awards for branding, new property launches, press kits, press releases and more. Her proficiency in the travel industry has lead to her being featured on the Travel Channel, Fox News, Huffington Post, O’Dwyer’s PR Magazine and other publications.

ZapalaPR is purposely passionate about supporting and bringing about great success to independent and family owned hotels, resorts, boutique inns, plus related travel lifestyle brands. She, like millions of others, prefers authentic – immersive travel and she is on a mission to help promote and save independent brands from vanishing from the travel landscape. She works side-by-side with owners to help them define their voice and develop personal relationships with existing and potential travelers through genuine communications using the marketing tools of PR and social media. As a modern marketer she also leverages the power of lifestyle promotional campaigns to bring travelers unique experiences that they wouldn’t necessary have in their daily lives. She happily shares her award-winning expertise and deep industry knowledge with family-owned, independent and boutique travel and lifestyle brands located throughout the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Bermuda, Bahamas, Cuba, and Florida.

She is a long-standing member of the Society of American Travel Writers and today she serves on the societies vetting committee. Zapala is a journalist at heart and is honored to be the mother of a wonderful son and two rescued standard poodles, William and Harry.

HSMAI Presentation of Platinum Award