Consultant. Creative Writer. Gumshoe. Master Storyteller.

First and foremost, Nina Zapala is a problem solver. She is quick to find solutions that lead to compelling insights and best outcomes. She has the innate ability to visually assess a situation quickly putting together the pieces and patterns — seeing what many others fail to see. This stimulates creative thinking and encourages a whole array of new ideas, and helps her reinvent what was old into what is new. Translation, she is a rare breed that uses unconventional, implementable and original ideas. She can brand hidden assets others don’t see and make them visible to qualified audiences who then take action.

 She is uber creative, a futurist, and powerhouse problem solver. Her ability to reshape a situation often leads to generous rewards for her clients, their audiences, and their bottom line.

Original Thinker

DMO’s, hotels, resorts, and boutique lifestyle brands recognize that PR needs to go beyond result multipliers, impressions, and clips. Z A P A L A.P R is a firm that understands travel is BIG business studying her favorite brands: Apple, Patagonia, and Yeti Coolers. These companies have realized their authentic business selves, and have come to realize their full potential always learning, growing and evolving. This approach has helped them dominate their individual marketplace. Z A P A L A.P R works with travel and lifestyle brands to help them achieve similar results by moving beyond the status quo, questioning the conventional, and assisting clients to be an original voice in a sea of sameness. A few questions to ponder:1. Are you being genuine or are you imitating your staunchest competitor’s marketing strategy; using clichés, pushy sales tactics or trends that don’t resonate? You know; BOGO, Stay 5 get 2 nights free, save 20%? 2. Are you using conscious communications aka being genuine in your messaging, advertising, and storytelling? If not you are part of the FAKE NEWS machine! 3. Are you visual stories resonating with your brand’s authentic voice? Again, cliché photos, inferior photography or photos that don’t align with your content – says you don’t care!

PR Professional

A PR professional worth their weight in gold has mastered the critical tools of “old-school” journalism. These tools are critical in the development of masterful storytelling. A skilled PR professional doesn’t ask, “What should my next press release or content message be?” — they are too busy applying the principles of INVESTIGATIVE REPORTING , unearthing newsworthy trends, responding quickly to journalist’s requests and developing sharable content.As a TRAVEL WRITER herself, Zapala is keenly aware of what it takes to write a celebrated story. This gives her an insider’s viewpoint when pitching her own clients. She relies on journalism techniques and is über responsive to WRITER’S needs. She also understands the importance of building mutually beneficial relationships; it’s the cornerstone of any successful public relations professional.During the past two decades, Zapala has successfully built relationships with top-tier media ensuring her clients are featured in premiere outlets such as: Travel & Leisure, Parents, Travel Channel, USA Today, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, New York Times, Thrillist, Flamingo Magazine> and other influential lifestyle, luxury, and travel news outlets.Her flourishing social media channels also enables her to correspond with THOUSANDS of journalists daily, sharing meaningful client news while also keeping up with industry trends. These daily interactions assist in building Z A P A L A.P R highly-connected media networks, personal relationships, and solid story opportunities --THIS NEEDS TO BE LINKED TO: opportunities inspire audiences to take action, visit, buy, book and share their wonderful experiences while encouraging others to do the same.


Brands today are no longer perceived as trusted — this is an earned reward. Z A P A L A.P R provides creative solutions to allow brands to show up as their authentic selves. She helps define core purposes aka reason for being, brand values and showcases the emotive side of branding. Today’s successful brands; Apple, Yeti Coolers, and Patagonia for example — rarely talk about their brands — instead they are busy forging relationships with their most desirable audiences. ONCE YOU KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE you never wonder about; which trends to apply, how to market, what social channels to use or what to say! Marketing communications becomes easier as authentic stories now drive successful publicity strategies, content marketing, and social media campaigns. Knowing your audience and you use an authentic voice allows you the brand to attract your ideal buyer, visitor, and overnight guests.Most importantly, an authentic voice provides genuine BRAND DIFFERENTIATION.

I have successfully worked with Nina Zapala for many years and have always been pleased with the results. Nina is quick to respond, out-of-the-box creative, on-the-ball helpful, and astonishingly resourceful. She is an exemplary PR pro for today’s social economy

— Laura Mankse Freelance writer with Hearst, Time Inc, Huffington Post, Parade Magazine… Read More Testimonials

Nina H. Zapala
President & Wearer of Many Hats

Zapala.PR shares her award-winning EXPERTISE and deep industry knowledge with destination marketing organizations (DMO’s) and independent boutique travel and lifestyle brands located within the U.S., the Caribbean, and beyond.

My Mission

To help brands find creative solutions that allow them to show up as their authentic selves.

  1. You can’t begin to STANDOUT if you don’t know your own voice
  2. If you’re following the herd, you are lost in a sea of sameness
  3. Social media isn’t the answer – if you don’t know the question
  4. You can’t tell your brand story if you don’t have a clear voice
  5. You won’t attract a quality audience if your voice isn’t authentic

A gentle reminder: “Your brand is your story, your story is your brand,” the mantra from leading brand expert David Brier, of DBD International. 

Do Expect

  1. To work with me directly before, during and well — forever
  2. That I will probably tell you things you don’t want to hear
  3. But this clarity can turn your business around instantly pertaining to sales, positioning, and awareness
  4. Honesty, direct dialogue, creative solutions, implementable – original ideas
  5. Sleeves rolled up to get the work done no matter how big or small the project

A bit more about Zapala.PR

She is a long-standing member of the Society of American Travel Writers and the Public Relations Society of America and has recently joined theSocial Media Marketing Society. Zapala is a creative soul at heart, a writer, and problem solver. She is blessed to be the mother of a wonderful son and two furry rescued standard poodles, William and Harry.

HSMAI Presentation of Platinum Award