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Yes, I know I am being a bit irreverent, but so are many of the brands out in the social-sphere who are taking a page the from the Field of Dreams movie, “build it, and they will come.” They may come, but for how long? Brian Solis also envisions a new era of “UnLike” he used the term “steam fatigue” in a recent article relating to consumers controlling what they like and don’t like. If they don’t find value in the content being delivered via a social media channel, they will UnLike.

It’s very easy to get caught up in a great promotion, plugging a great media hit or passing along a sales message, I know, I am a social media brand communicator for a host of different clients. What I try to strive for is a balance between brand messages and honest lifestyle messages with a benefit.

For me it goes back to a cocktail party social media scenario. When you are at a party who do you want to hang out with: a) the person who is always talking about themselves, b) the person who doesn’t really have anything to say but repeats what someone else says, or c) the person who has stories to share, opinions to discuss and makes you feel welcome ? It’s really a no brainer as connecting is everything.

Brands need to go deeper than just posting random thoughts, sales messages etc… They need to think about creating real “value” with each post. Brands need to think about making connections not just superficial ones; real connections offer real solutions. They need to remain fresh, topical and fun. Yes, it’s challenging, but it’s no different than the brick and mortar challenges business have been facing for years. What stores do you shop? Stores that are fun, stores that have sales associates that care, and stores that offer real value. What makes social media so attractive is that brands can gain real-world opinions in real-time, and if they are faltering just ask online fans what they want and/or need.

Now do you understand my irreverent UnLike this? It is a sentiment that will be echoed by hundreds of thousands of consumers sooner rather than later if brands, and yes I include myself, don’t deliver what consumers desire.

What do you think?

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